Alb Filter Duo

Enjoyable drinking water from the tap

Safe drinking water from the tap

The Alb Filter Duo turns your faucet into a
enjoyable drinking water dispenser.

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Alb Filter - Water Filter for Shower and Drinking Water

...of course better water

With experience since 2001 in the field of water filters, we help you to get the purest water.
Water filter systems - Made in Germany


For the under sink or
directly at the tap. 

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shower filter

Water filter for your bathroom.
Personal hygiene starts with water.

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Alb Filter eco

Use of bioplastics.

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Our suitable installation and refuelling solutions.

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Alb drinking water filter. Housing with Active drinking water cartridge

Fresh, pure water

Your drinking water filter solution 

Our drinking water cartridges offer a wide range for naturally better water. Protect yourself from dangerous bacteria and germs and remove odour- and taste-disturbing substances from the water. Become part of the Alb Filter family and opt for an affordable alternative to bottled water from the supermarket.

Alb filter. For Best Drinking Water

Drinking with pleasure. Carrying crates was yesterday.

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Smell and taste

Solutions against bad smell and taste in drinking water.


Removal of microplastic particles from the source water.

bacteria retention

Bacteria such as legionella and other pathogens.

Chlorine and heavy metals

Reduction of chlorine and heavy metals.

Pharmaceutical residues and pollutants

Filtration to reduce pharmaceutical residues and pollutants.

Acute germ loads

Microfiltration solution Nano against smallest germs and pathogens such as E-Coli.

Alb Filter. Shower filter housing in silver with balance cartridge

Filter housing plus cartridge

Your shower filter solution

The cartridge determines the area of application. Our various shower filter cartridges leave nothing to be desired. Whether with positive legionella findings, old pipes, sensitive skin or damaged hair - Alb filter is a good decision in every respect.

Feel the difference!

Shower filter for mounting directly between shower hose and fitting.

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Skin and hair

Our customers report: "The water feels pleasantly soft on skin and hair and the causes of itching can be reduced".

Chlorine and heavy metals

Reduction of chlorine and heavy metals through KDF and activated carbon.

Rashes and allergies

Improvement of skin appearance, scalp and hair based on years of customer experience.


Discover our filter solution with real shungite rock.

Shower ban with Legionella

Microfiltration solution Nano against smallest germs and pathogens.

Alb Filter housing


All in One - Our beautifully designed filter housings are compatible with every cartridge. By changing the cartridge, you can easily convert a shower filter into a drinking water filter and vice versa. Available in different colours!

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Alb filter element. Metal housing in cyan. Made in Germany

Made in Germany

Quality from the Swabian Alb 

We produce in Germany in the region of the Swabian Alb (Baden-Württemberg) and are proud of it. All our products are subject to strict quality controls and are made only with high quality materials.

Made in Germany Flag. Alb Filter produces locally on the Swabian Alb

within Germany with our shipping partner DHL.

Fast delivery time

shipping with DHL usually only takes 1-2 days within Germany.

Easy payment

Use simple, secure and fast payment methods such as credit card payment, Paypal or Sofortüberweisung and many more.

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