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  • Corona virus in drinking water?

    The coronavirus pandemic has fundamentally changed our everyday lives. The danger of this virus is mainly caused by a high risk of infection. As many research questions remain unanswered, there is great uncertainty.
  • Canis on the Road: A test report on Alb Filter Fusion for mobile use

    Extensive report from Canis on the Road about our Alb Filter Fusion.

    Claudia Kobold lives in a mobile home since 2016 and drives with her mobile dog school "Canis on the Road" across Europe.
  • Lignin as a bio-raw material: Mention of the Alb filter in the Süddeutsche Zeitung

    Alb Filter is mentioned in a report on lignin in the Süddeutsche Zeitung.
  • TGA Fachplaner: Trade press report about the Alb Filter Duo

    TGA Fachplaner - the magazine for technical building equipment - reports on the Alb Filter Duo in the November 2019 issue.
  • Alb filter in sailboat - Girasole Sailing

    The YouTuber and sailors Andrea and Lukas from Girasole Sailing are preparing for the next sailing trip and are planning the supply with fresh water. 
  • Alb Filter at Tiny DaHome - Tiny House in Munich, Germany

    The Tiny Houses "Mission Winzig" and "Tiny-DaHome" currently form the core of the pop-up village in Munich.
  • Risk of germs in can filters

    So-called can or table water filters are widely used, as they are supposed to provide refreshing and clean drinking water in the warm season of the year. But increased caution is required here...
  • Alb Filter in the Camping, Cars and Caravans September 2019 issue

    The magazine Camping, Cars & Caravans reports in the September 2019 issue about the Alb Filter Mobil Set. The mobile set was put together for the external refuelling of motorhomes / caravans and camper vans.
  • Smarticular: Water filter from the Swabian Alb - healthy drinking water from the tap

    Although tap water in our latitudes is considered clean and well controlled, it can still be polluted by substances that are not beneficial to our health. For example, water pipes can be contaminated with heavy metals, and drug residues and microplastics that are not filtered out by conventional sewage treatment plants are increasingly entering the water cycle. A domestic drinking water filter is therefore worth considering.
  • Caravaning Institut: Best drinking water on the road too

    The well-known Caravaning Institute presents our Alb filters. Camping holidays with caravans or camper vans are becoming more and more popular, as you always have your own four walls with you. But when it comes to drinking water hygiene on the move, there are a few things to keep in mind if you want to enjoy your holiday without falling ill.
  • Autarkic water supply in the motorhome with the Alb Nano Premium water filter

    Patrick from #VanLeben tests the Alb Filter Nano on his website in an extensive video blog. See for yourself.
  • W&A Wasser & Abwasser Technik reports about Alb Filter Issue 02-19

    The company Alb Filter, which develops and sells innovative solutions for drinking water treatment at the point of extraction, presents Alb Filter Duo, a drinking water filter that can be mounted directly on the tap in just a few simple steps.