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The Alb Filter guide to the topic of water. Everything you need to know about ingredients, filtration processes, regional information and special features.

General questions & answers

Frequently asked questions and answers.

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Installation: Tap filter

Learn how to mount the Alb Filter Duo to your faucet.

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Installation: Under the sink

Here are instructions for installing the Alb filter under the sink.

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Installation: shower

Read how to install the Alb filter in the shower.

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Water in general

Our tap water

German drinking water is considered the best monitored foodstuff. You can find out more here.

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Ingredients Water

Everything important about the possible substances that can be found in our water.

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Why filter water?

Why does it make sense to filter the water (again). Learn here why only a fraction of the pollutants are filtered publicly at all.

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Filter media

Activated carbon, ultrafiltration. We have the common filter media in comparison.

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Water filter

Activated carbon for water

Learn all about activated carbon. What is it and what filters activated carbon? What are the differences? How does the filtration work?

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How do you measure water quality?

How are TDS / PPM / EC conductivity meters related to water quality? Find out what these measuring instruments really show us. 

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Contamination risk with can water filters

With table water filters, increased caution is required because the supposedly filtered water of such can filters quickly tends to become contaminated.

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Filtration Technologies

Activated carbon-based filter, membrane filtration. Which technology is used where.

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Filter method

Purely mechanical, catalytic, adsorbent. Different processes and what is filtered with them. 

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Advantages of water filters

What advantages do I have as a consumer by purchasing my own water filter

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Types of water filter

Filters for the house entrance, end point filter, outdoor filter. What is available on the market?

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Environment & Health


New bioplastics include thermoplastic starch (TPS), cellulose acetate and polylactides (PLA), while processes for the production of biobased polyethylene (Bio-PE), polypropylene (Bio-PP) and other plastics are being developed and established.

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How much water do I have to drink?

With interactive water demand calculator. What happens if too much or too little water is drunk? On which factors does the human water demand depend?

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Corona in the drinking water?

The coronavirus pandemic has fundamentally changed our everyday lives. The danger of this virus is mainly caused by a high risk of infection. As many research questions remain unanswered, there is great uncertainty.

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Which water filter for...?

Filter chlorine

Which water filter can be used effectively against chlorine? A positive side effect of filtering is that the taste and smell of the water is improved.

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Filtering microplastics

The size of microplastic particles is mainly between 2-10 microns. Filters with smaller pore sizes can remove these plastic particles from drinking water. You can find out what these are here.

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