Alb shower filter schungite. Consisting of the element filter housing in the color titanium and the Shungit shower filter cartridge
Alb shower filter schungite. Consisting of the element filter housing in the color silver and the Shungit shower filter cartridge
Alb shower filter schungite. Consisting of the element filter housing in the color blue and the Shungit shower filter cartridge

Alb Shower Filter Shungit

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Alb Shower Filter Shungit

Schungite or shungite coal is called the "fountain of youth" in anti-aging research. The 600 million year old black rock from Karelia (RUS) consists of hollow spherical fullerenes. Shungite is still relatively little researched, but is said to positively influence the aging process of the skin1.

In addition to absorption and catalytic properties, shungite also has bactericidal characteristics.2. The number of microbes in water filtered with shungite can be up to twelve times smaller than conventionally filtered water, reducing turbidity and foreign odors. Try water made from the primary rock shungite!

The properties of shungite are based on the experience of many users and the effect is still largely unexplored!

Technical data:

Dimensions housing: 120 mm x 69 mm
Color housing: depending on choice
Connection: ½ inch thread

range of services

free radical binding

Due to its molecular structure, shungite should be able to absorb and bind free radicals, which are also responsible for the aging process of the skin.

Adsorptive, catalytic and bactericidal

Studies by Krutous and Rysev, Khadartsev3 attribute to shungite high adsorptive, catalytic and bactericidal activity.

Cartridge change only 2x a year

Quick, easy change - duration: 2 min. Recommendation according to 6 months.  

Tested quality from Karelia, Russia

We receive our first class shungite stone from certified dealers in Karelia, Russia. It is then processed by hand without the use of chemical additives.

Installation / Installation (shower)

You can find more information on the subject of installation on our website under the heading Installation Instructions. 

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  • Antioxidant and Anti-Inflammatory Effects of Shungite against Ultraviolet B Irradiation-Induced Skin Damage in Hairless Mice (August 13, 2017)
  • V.A. Krutous, Medicinal Properties of Shungite (Karelia-shungite, 2016) (in Russian).
  • Shungite as a natural nano technology (in Russian) (Khadartsev, Tula State University)
  • Influence of shungite treatment methods on its absorption properties and on water treatment quality for beverages production (November 2019)
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Filter ratings:
02 March 2021
Alexandra S.
Austria Austria
Showers with spring water ;o)

We have been using the Shungit filter from Alb for about two weeks and are very satisfied! The skin feels very soft and tender after showering. Even my daughter noticed the difference in the water when showering; I hadn't told her about the filter. Also, I would like to note that we have very calciferous water. However, since using the filter, our shower glass walls calcify remarkably less!!! Best regards from Klosterneuburg, Alexandra Sievers

09 July 2019
S. O.
Filter fulfils its purpose

The filter was easy to install and the water has become softer.

17 February 2019
Nagla A.

I use it in the shower, so far I like the texture of my hair and skin now, there is no more chlorine layer nor the white exfoliate.

14 November 2018
Works great...

The filter is top. It is easy to install and looks inconspicuous. Water runs. I also have the feeling that my skin is no longer itching and dry. I have already reordered filters. I am really satisfied.