Alb Active Plus+ water filter cartridge made of biodegradable bioplastic against germs and pollutants

drinking water cartridge

Active Plus

Refreshing drinking pleasure with the PLUS of safety. Our Active Plus version consists of a sintered coconut-based activated carbon block and is capable of filtering a large number of bacteria and germs out of the water in advance. In addition, the Active Plus+ version has the same features as our standard Active filter cartridge. So that you and your family can safely enjoy your home water directly from the tap.

Note: Flow rate at 4.5 bar - 1.2 l/min
Due to the very high fineness, the flow rate is greatly reduced. We therefore recommend using the Active Plus+ cartridge only in conjunction with the Alb Filter Duo tap filter.

Flow diagram of the ActivePlus block activated carbon cartridge

Against germs and bacteria

Safety for you and your family: germs and bacteria cannot get into your water due to the germ barrier and the sintered microstructure of our Active Plus+.

Against bad taste and smells

High-quality Alb coconut block activated carbon absorbs annoying odours (chlorine, CHC's, CFC's, etc.) and impairs taste in drinking water.

filtration of heavy metals

The absorbing effect of activated carbon binds heavy metals such as lead and copper in drinking water.

Filtration of microplastics

Due to the ultrafine structure of the sintered activated carbon, microscopically small plastic particles are reliably retained.

Reduction of pesticides and drug residues

Organic compounds such as pesticide residues, herbicides, insecticides, drug residues, hormones and hormone-like substances can be reduced.

Cartridge change only 2x a year

Quick, easy change - Duration: 2 min. Recommendation according to DIN 1988 every 6 months.

Quality made in Germany

Sustainable and high-quality production coupled with Swabian inventiveness - Made in Germany.

Structure Active Plus+

Enjoy drinking water carefree

Activated carbon from the shell of the coconut

The minerals remain in the drinking water

Pre-cleaned Alb Filter coconut activated carbon filters smell, taste and colour changes in water. In addition, drug residues and related pollutants as well as chlorine and fluorides can be reduced. For comparison: The inner surface of four grams of activated carbon sometimes corresponds to the surface of a football field and therefore has a lot of absorption area to bind pollutants from your water.

ActivePlus+ water filter. Sintered activated coconut block carbon
Blocking coal under the magnifying glass. Fine structures

Activated carbon as monoblock

Surface of a football field

The ideal solution for your drinking water treatment. Normal bulk activated carbon, which is frequently found in comparable water filters, does not offer sufficient protection against pollutants, germs and bacteria. That is why we at Alb Filter use a pressed activated carbon monoblock with a fineness of 0.7 µm and germ protection in the cartridge.

Comparison: Table-top filters

vs. professional processing

Our sintered coconut activated carbon, as we use it for our Alb filter solution, differs fundamentally from table-top or can filters, which slightly improve the taste and appearance of the water, but remove pollutants only to a small extent. The high-quality Active Plus+ block activated carbon has a very high adsorption capacity. For example, lead, copper, drug residues or hormone-like substances are removed.