Alb Water Filter for Camper 

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Are you travelling? With a tent or motorhome, on a sailing or motor boat? In a mobile environment the supply with fresh water one of the essential tasks. When refuelling at water taps on Camping sites, ports or even in the nature you can improve the water quality often do not assess the situation.

The Alb Filter® MOBIL and TRAVEL sets offer a simple solution for this for the road. You will be 100% in Germany manufactured and convincing with our well-known quality and Security.

Alb water filter in different colors. With connection set for campers and motorhomes

Water filters for caravans and Co.

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What variants are there?

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Alb Mobile

The Portable - Refuelling from outside

With the included coupling system and high-quality Gardena hose connectors, you can easily tap water from most sources worldwide.

Alb Mobil drinking water filter set. Consisting of the Active drinking water filter in silver and the Gardena connection set with suitable adapters for caravans and motorhomes.

Alb Travel

The fixed installation - after the water tank

The TRAVEL version is installed directly after the water tank (i.e. in the pressure stage after the water pump) or below the sink in front of the tapping point (fitting).

Alb Travel drinking water filter set. Consisting of the element filter housing in titanium and the Active drinking water cartridge with matching adapter for caravan and motorhome

Alb Filter Fusion

All-In-One Double Filter

Our Fusion design combines two filter stages and all the advantages of our filter cartridges. The Fusion version is also available in two variants: refuelling from outside(Mobile) or fixed installation in the interior(Travel).

Alb Fusion drinking water filter set. Double stage filter for absolute protection

Questions & Answers

Which installation variants are available?

In the following we have visually presented the most important connection options. There are advantages and disadvantages depending on the variant. To cover the complete filter spectrum, we recommend the installation method according to V.5 (see figure). With this installation method, "non-reproducible" pollutants do not get into the tank in advance. In addition, the germ barrier in the form of the nano filter is installed as close as possible to the end point and protects you from possible germination in the water tank.

Connection possibilities of a water filter in the motorhome

Which pump do I need?

The choice of pump depends on how the filters are installed or used. However, we recommend a pressure or diaphragm pump with a capacity of at least 2.1 bar for fixed installation. For the Fusion variants a pressure of 3 bar is recommended.

Alb Filter Active Flow Diagram. litres per minute
Alb Filter Nano (shower filter and drinking water filter against germs) flow diagram. litres per minute
Alb Filter Fusion without Protect (shower filter and drinking water filter against germs) Flow chart. Liters per minute
Alb Filter Fusion with Protect (shower filter and drinking water filter against germs) Flow chart. Liters per minute