Alb Filter eco

Use of bioplastics from lignin

In the course of ongoing new developments at Alb Filter, we are proud to be able to produce the required components of the Active and Active Plus+ filter cartridges from a biodegradable polymer. Here we work closely with partners from Baden-Württemberg who have already gained a lot of experience in the field of bioplastics.

Eco Logo. Water filter cartridges from Alb Filter with components made of lignin
Filter cartridge with biopolymer receiving caps

What does the "eco" label mean?

Avoidance of petroleum-based plastics.

We are of the opinion that it is important as a modern company to participate in the search for and use of alternatives to existing materials. In this way we reduce the use of raw materials which are only available to us to a limited extent

For the filter media, such as activated carbon, the required caps are made of biopolymers based on plant material (lignin). This is an important step towards a plastic-free future.

Biosynthetic material on lignin basis

Alb Filter eco. The biopolymers used (lignin) are biodegradable according to DIN EN ISO 14855 and EN 13432. Food safe and FDA certified.

Production plant Germany, Swabian Alb

We love our products and therefore stand with our company not only for a regional production of our filter units, but also for high quality and environmentally friendly products.

Water filter cartridge with butterfly.


Slowly but surely, we want to say goodbye to filters in plastic housings, because they no longer meet our requirements. We are of the opinion that nowadays it is important to file on the own ecological footprint. The production of a high-quality metal housing was the first step.

Filter cartridges as a disposable product:
Unfortunately, it is impossible to avoid replacing filter cartridges at regular intervals. To counter this environmental impact we use alternative raw materials that leave less traces in our environment.