Single Alb Shower Filter Cartridge Balance. Replacement cartridge without housing

shower filter cartridge


A new shower feeling in 85 mm size! With the Alb Balance cartridge, the shower becomes a wellness experience.

Tap water in Germany is subject to the strictest controls. Nevertheless, there are good reasons to additionally filter the water: foreign substances can get into your tap water due to chlorinated water and outdated house pipes, hard water can cause skin problems and damage the hair.

Flow Diagram of Balance Shower Filter Cartridge

Against pollutants, odour, taste and colour

The natural raw material activated carbon removes water impurities. KDF reduces chlorine and heavy metals so you can enjoy your shower without worries.  

Most people spend a lot of money on expensive cosmetic products - but they completely forget that water is the basic substance of all body care products.

- Dipl.-Ing. Tobias Müller, inventor of the Alb filter (eh. Hzwo filter)

Balance 5 layer system

Wellness for skin and hair

filter fleece

Sediment filter against line abrasion 

Input filter layer consisting of a sediment fleece which pre-filters coarse sediments such as rust and water pipe abrasion. Initial filter layer: A fine sediment fleece contributes to the retention of the filter media listed above and to the final fine filtration of suspended particles.

Cross section of the Balance shower filter. First layer: Sediment filter

Coconut Activated Carbon

Against odour, taste and turbidity in water

High quality and pre-cleaned Alb Filter coconut activated carbon filters odor, taste and color changes in water. In addition, drug residues and related pollutants as well as chlorine can be reduced.

Cross section of the Balance shower filter. Second layer: activated carbon


Against heavy metals

KDF ensures a reduction of heavy metals in tap water. The presence of heavy metals in water often occurs when old water pipes are present. Thanks to the KDF medium we can reduce the deposits in the water and the absorption.

Cross section of the Balance shower filter. Third layer: KDF

DERMA Pearls

Mineralization Stage

Original Alb Filter DERMA beads are reddish, basic filter beads, which consist of pressed minerals and are also fired at high temperatures like pH-FIX beads. DERMA pearls consist of over 30 minerals, including selenium, manganese, zinc, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, potassium and their compounds.

Cross section of the Balance shower filter. Fourth layer: ph-Fix

Alb Filter pH-FIX Beads

For pH stabilisation of the water

Alb Filter pH-FIX beads are used to stabilize the pH of the water. PH-FIX pearls are produced according to a special recipe with purified clay and natural minerals, rolled in rounding machines and baked in the oven at about 800°C. After cooling, our beads go through a special process. Ions are blown onto the surface of the Alb Filter pH-FIX beads by an ionizer and high voltage. The resulting radicals promote chemical degradation processes which can lead to pH stabilisation. An accumulation of calcium and magnesium carbonate on the pH-FIX beads can also promote a reduction of lime in the water.

Cross section of the Balance shower filter. Fifth layer: Derma pearls