Alb Shower filter

Water filter for your shower

Shower filter against legionella or for reducing pollutants in the water.

Feel the difference!

Hau(p)tsache good water

Alb shower filter Nano. Certified Legionella filter
Shower filter Nano

Legionella filter for the shower

Legionella, bacteria and microorganisms. Ultra filtration down to 0.1 µm.

Preventive or in case of acute legionella alarm (showering prohibited). The Alb Filter Nano also offers protection against viruses, bacteria, germs and mould in the pipelines down to 0.1 µm.

Filtration of smallest microorganisms ( ~99,99% ) E. coli bacteria, Vibrio Cholerae, Shigella, Salmonella and many more.

high-performance membrane

Large filter capacity

Highest certified safety (ASTM F838-AE1)  

Made in Germany

Alb shower filter Balance with replacement cartridge against organic pollutants.
Shower filter Balance

The Standard

Care for skin and hair

The Balance filter solution can be your ideal companion for dry and sensitive skin as well as brittle and weak hair. For a velvety soft shower feeling due to our balanced mixture of high-quality minerals and other qualitative filter media. Alb Filter - only the best for your skin and hair.

Customer experiences show - powerful shiny hair and soft skin

Binding of pollutants in water

Activated carbon against odour, taste and turbidity of the water

Can reduce limescale in water

Alb DERMA Pearls - Mineral mix to soothe the skin

Alb pH-FIX beads for pH stabilization of water

Alb Shower filter Shungit with spare cartridge. Filled with schungite stone from Karelia (Russia))
Shungit shower filters

The stone of pure water

Structured water

Due to a high number of customer inquiries, we finally fulfilled the desire to offer a Shungit shower filter solution for our customers. Feel addressed, if you are already supplied with a good water quality and still have the desire for energetic, vitalizing and structured water.

Energization of skin and hair

Can improve overall health

free radical binding


Cartridge change only 2x a year

Tested quality from Karelia, Russia

Installation shower & bath

Useful instructions, videos for installation and cartridge replacement of your Alb filter.

Sketch Alb shower filter for connection to the shower

Questions & Answers

What does the Alb shower filter actually do?

This depends on the cartridge used:

The Alb Filter Nano provides reliable protection as a legionella filter for the shower and against bacterial or viral contamination in the water. Inside there is a high performance hollow fibre membrane which is able to reliably retain legionella and other bacteria, microorganisms and pathogens such as E-coli, Vibrio Cholarae, Shigella, Salmonella due to its small diameter of 0.1 µm.

The shower filter Alb Filter Balance focuses on healthy and soft skin as well as powerful and shiny hair. In addition to the reduction of harmful substances, lime, odour, taste and cloudiness from the water, the filter media can provide for a pH stabilisation of the water and an enrichment with minerals for a pleasant skin feeling after showering.

The Alb Filter Shungit shower filter fulfils the desire of many customers for energetic, vitalising and structured water. Due to its molecular structure, Shungit is said to be able to absorb and bind free radicals, which is said to have a positive effect on the overall well-being and alleviate stress and fatigue. The properties of Shungit are based on the experience of many users, but do not represent a scientific statement.

Some activated carbon filters improve their effectiveness with chemical additives. Does this also apply to Alb Filter?

Activated carbon is a carefully processed renewable raw material that has been used as a natural filter medium in every waterworks for decades. Alb Filter uses the pure natural product without chemical additives (e.g. silver), which is also not necessary because the performance spectrum of the activated carbon from coconut used is very high.

How to install the Alb Filter in your shower faucet?

Here you will find the instructions for installation and cartridge replacement: Instructions

The Alb filter does not fit my shower fitting, the distance to the wall is too small.

Alb Filter offers two different angular distance adapters for the connecting bend (water outlet) in the shower for such cases. These should be used if the distance between the connecting bend (centre) and the shower wall (tiles) is less than 35 mm.
Further information under: spacers

Can I bypass a shower ban with the installation of a shower filter with Legionellenbefall?

Only by using the shower filter cartridge NANO you can protect yourself effectively and reliably against Legionnaires' disease, a severe pneumonia, even if you have positive Legionella findings and an acute ban on showering. NANO offers ultra-filtration down to 0.1 µm, which retains approx. 99.99% of all Legionella and dangerous microorganisms. Use the tried and tested filter system not only at home, it also offers reliable protection on the move, e.g. in holiday apartments or when camping.

The hair structure

Our hair grows from the so-called hair root. Similar to a tree, it is supplied with nutrients and minerals. Growth takes place through the extension of the hair shaft, which pushes upwards through the scalp and grows out. The inside of the hair is called the hair core and is surrounded by keratin.

The outer protective layer
The coat of hair is formed by individual superimposed scales (cuticle), which are arranged similarly to a fir cone.

The growth of our hair

Our hair grows periodically. Growth starts with the anagen phase, which can last up to 6 years. In this time the hair root develops and a new hair can develop. Then the 14-day catagen phase begins, in which the hair is shifted to the surface of the scalp. In this phase the young hair is very sensitive to mechanical irritations such as washing or combing. The final phase of the cycle is called the telogen phase. A new hair already forms under the scalp and pushes itself again towards the surface.

Scheme - Cycle of hair growth

Our hair colours

Melanin determines our hair color. More precisely, the relationship between eumelanin (responsible for dark hair colors) and phaemelanin (responsible for light hair colors). It is therefore easy to understand that light blonde hair is created by the complete absence of eumelanin. In contrast, the concentration of phaemelanin is naturally increased.

Red hair contains a lot of phaemelanin and little eumelanin. If the hair turns grey with age, this is a sign of the decrease in melanin production in our body.

Comparison of different hair colours

body protection

Our skin is the largest sense organ of our body. We feel cold, warmth, pressure and pain over them and feel this with the whole skin surface. It is the contact to our outside world and reflects our well-being. The skin can blush or pale and we get goose bumps when we freeze.

The word "skin" goes back to the Indo-European term "hat", which originally means "the envelope". The skin protects us from heat and cold, heat and friction and the penetration of harmful substances, bacteria and germs.

The right care

The water alone removes most of the dirt from our skin. Water washes around our body in the shower and washes away sweat, body odours and pathogenic microorganisms. In return we get a refreshing skin feeling, which gives us a wonderful revitalisation after the shower, followed by relaxation. The purer the water is, the more alive our skin feels after a shower or bath.