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Limescale filter, legionella filter: For a better shower experience - Made in Germany


In addition to the reduction of pollutants as well as odor, taste and turbidity, many customers attest to a pleasant and soft skin feeling after showering thanks to the incorporated mineralization stage. Our Nano filter cartridge also protects against dangerous legionella bacteria in the event of a shower ban.

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Our shower filter cartridges
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Alb Filter® ELEMENT housing.

Shower filter cartridges: Variants at a glance

The right cartridge - depending on the intended use

Alb shower filter Balance with replacement cartridge against organic pollutants.
Alb Shower Filter Balance

Care for skin and hair

Tap water in Germany is subject to the strictest controls. Nevertheless, there are good reasons to also filter the shower water : due to chlorination and pollutants, outdated house pipes, foreign substances can get into your tap water.

Hundreds of positive customer experiences 

Binding of pollutants in water

Activated carbon against odour, taste and turbidity of the water

Alb DERMA Pearls - Mineral Mix

Alb pH-FIX Beads - pH stabilisation

Alb shower filter Nano. Certified Legionella filter
Alb Shower Filter Nano

Legionella filter for the shower

For legionella, bacteria and microorganisms. Ultra-filtration up to 0.1 µm. Preventive or in case of acute legionella alarm (shower ban). The Alb Filter Nano also offers protection against viruses, bacteria, germs and moulds in the pipes down to 0.1 µm.

Filtration of smallest microorganisms ( ~99,99% ) E. coli bacteria, Vibrio Cholerae, Shigella, Salmonella and many more.

high-performance membrane

Large filter capacity

Highest certified safety (ASTM F838-AE1)  

Alb Shower filter Shungit with spare cartridge. Filled with schungite stone from Karelia (Russia))
Alb Shower Filter Shungite

Structured water

Due to a high number of customer requests, we have responded to the desire to offer a Schungite shower filter solution for you. This unique, naturally occurring rock is often used as a replacement for activated carbon filters.

free radical binding

Adsorptive, catalytic and bactericidal

Cartridge change every 6 months

Tested quality from Karelia, Russia

What our customers say about the Shungit shower filter

The shower filter Alb Filter Shungit fulfills the desire of many customers for energetic, vitalizing and structured water. The properties of Shungit are based on the experience of many users, but do not represent a scientific statement.

Alb Shower & Bath Filters

Useful instructions, videos for installation and cartridge replacement of your Alb filter.

Questions & Answers

Does the water filter fit any shower?

We supply all shower filters ready for installation. They fit all standard shower connections.

What do I do if the distance to the wall is too small?

What happens more often is that the distance between the shower fitting and the wall is too small. For such cases, we offer an "angle-distance adapter" for the water outlet (the connection base) in the shower.

  • When do I need the angle distance adapter? If the distance between the connecting elbow (centre) and the shower wall (tiles) is less than 35 mm, you will find the suitable spacer here.

How do I install the water filter in my shower faucet? [Video Tutorial]

Our videos show with step-by-step instructions how easy - and without tools! - your shower filter can be installed on your existing fitting.

1. installation of the shower filter

Watch this video to learn how easy it is to install your shower filter to your shower or bath faucet - quickly and easily without tools.

2. cartridge change

A change of the shower filter cartridge should be done about every 6 months and is very easy to do. We will show you how to do it.

What does the Alb Filter shower filter actually do?

That depends on the cartridge used. In principle, our water filters for the shower are suitable as pollutant filters and legionella filters, but can also, according to our customer reviews, help with skin problems and improve the hair structure.

The Alb Filter Nano offers reliable protection as a Legionella filter for the shower, as well as against bacterial or germ contamination in the water. Inside is a high performance hollow fiber membrane, which due to its small diameter of 0.1 µm is able to reliably retain Legionella and other bacteria, microorganisms and pathogens such as e.g. E-Coli, Vibrio Cholarae, Shigella.

The Alb Filter Balance shower filter is a mix of mineralisation and pollutant filtration. In addition to reducing pollutants and removing odors and chlorine in the water, the filter media contained can provide pH stabilization of the water as well as mineral enrichment.

The shower filter Alb Filter Shungit fulfils the wish of many customers for energetic, vitalising and structured water. Due to its molecular structure, shungite is said to be able to absorb and bind free radicals, which is said to have a positive effect on overall well-being and relieve stress and fatigue. The properties of shungite are based on the experience of many users, but do not represent a scientific statement.

Why should I filter my shower water at all?

Why filter water (again)? Most consumers get their shower water directly from the waterworks, where it has previously been purified and treated. But the ingredients in the shower water can have serious defects.

Can I circumvent a shower ban in case of legionella infestation by installing the nano filter?

When using the shower filter cartridge Nano, you can protect yourself effectively and reliably against Legionnaires ' disease, a serious pneumonia, even if the Legionella test result is positive and you are under an acute shower ban.

Doesn't the drinking water ordinance provide for strict controls?

Our tap water in Germany is strictly controlled, but the reality often shows a different picture. The quality is based on limit values for currently about 60 pollutants, which have been defined in the Drinking Water Ordinance.

Our point of view: Every year, reports of legionella in drinking water accumulate in Germany. And even minor concentrations of substances such as heavy metals or microplastics are not taken into account by the Drinking Water Ordinance.

How long can I use my shower filter?

The housing of the filter is made of a food-safe metal alloy and is actually indestructible when used properly. The filter cartridges are different.

How often do I have to change the shower filter cartridges?

The cartridges consist of a specially sintered core of activated carbon, which loses its filter performance over time. A change of the shower filter cartridge should be done about every 6 months and is easily done.

Why does an activated carbon filter lose its filtering capacity? Here you can read how an activated carbon filter works.

How can I tell if I need to change the cartridge?

There are no indicators for a change - unless you have the water tested regularly in the laboratory. Of course, this is not realistic.

How much does a (new) shower filter cartridge cost?

The prices of the cartridges (exception: Alb Nano) range from about 25 to 35 euros for the single pack and from about 65 to 100 euros for the three-pack.