Alb Filter Fusion. Double stage filter with aluminium wall bracket

Alb Filter Fusion

The all-round carefree variant

You want to play it safe and combine all the advantages of our cartridges in one system?

The Fusion version consists of two filter units connected in series, connected with the Connect coupling module. Inside is our Active and Nano filter cartridge which protects you from pollutants and germs all around.

Various connection sets available for under-table or as mobile version for caravans

Replaceable filter cartridges with a service life of 4 or 6 months

Design, manufacturing and production in Southern Germany

Modular filter housing. Various cartridges are available for selection

Drinking water filters from Alb Filter

fresh from the spring and healthy

Two cartridges - All advantages combined

Alb Filter Fusion. Power spectrum with translucent cross-section

1st filter stage

Alb Filter Active against organic pollutants 

Sintered acoustic carbon cartridges from Alb Filter not only convince by a fine porous mechanical filtration, but also filter very effectively chlorine, hundreds of organic compounds, heavy metals and many more due to the highly porous structure. However, valuable minerals remain in the water.

Against bad taste and smells

filtration of heavy metals

Reduction of pesticides and drug residues

filtration of microplastics, asbestos fibres

Fusion double stage filter. Explanation of the first filter stage in cross-section. Activated carbon cartridge inside

2. filter stage

Alb Filter Nano Germ Block

The certified nano cartridge reliably protects you from bacteria and germs in the pipe network and also filters out water with its ultra-fine membranes, particles and fibres down to 0.1 µ. 

Filtration of smallest microorganisms ( ~99,99% ) E. coli bacteria, Vibrio Cholerae, Shigella, Salmonella and many more.

high-performance membrane

Large filter capacity

Highest certified security

Fusion double stage filter. Explanation of the second filter stage in cross-section. Nano germ barrier inside
Flow diagram Fusion double stage filter
Flow diagram Fusion double stage filter

Connection sets 

Flexible installation at home or mobile in a camper or caravan

Under table version

Connection between angle valve and flexible hose to the water tap. Quick and easy installation.

Alb Filter sketch. Connection under the sink

Camping Variants

Whether refuelling from the outside or a fixed installation inside - here you will find suitable variants.

Alb Filter sketch. Refuelling of the motorhome.