Alb Duo tap filter

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Sketch Alb Duo faucet filter. Water filter for the tap

Video Instructions

Our videos use the step-by-step instructions to show how easy it is to connect your Alb Duo faucet filter to the existing fitting.

1. installation

The Duo water filter fits the most common taps. If an adapter is still necessary, we will replace it. Read more in the thread guide

Video installation guide for the Alb Filter Duo

2. cartridge change

Easy cartridge change by unscrewing the lower lid. We show in the video how to do it!

Video instruction filter change for Alb Filter Duo
Sketch of a faucet. Illustrates how to measure the thread.

Is my faucet okay?

Thread guide

With our guide you can determine your thread on your home fitting and order the appropriate adapter for the Alb Duo faucet filter. We then exchange this for the standard adapter. 

Adapter required?

We have a wide range of suitable adapters for your water tap.

Alb filter wall spacer. In confined spaces. Chrome version

instruction manual

Download the Alb Filter Duo manual.

Version DE (German)

Version EN (English)