Single Alb water filter cartridge Nano. Germ and legionella filter without housing

Drinking and shower filter cartridge


Can be used as drinking water filter as well as shower water filter. Mainly used for bacterial or viral contamination of water with the highest demands on material and quality of the 0.1 µm hollow fibre membrane.

Drinking: With the Nano you protect yourself effectively against harmful microorganisms in drinking water. The Nano is easily and quickly installed under the sink in every kitchen. Even when travelling, the easy-to-install, mobile system offers a high level of protection against unclean water. Simply use it and take it with you again! Slowed water flow indicates exhausted performance before filter change.

Showering: Whether as a preventive measure or in case of a positive legionella finding: The water filter Nano reliably protects you against legionella and dangerous microorganisms in shower and drinking water. The certified quality solution offers the highest protection against legionnaires' disease and much more. 

Filtration of smallest microorganisms

Nano focuses on the filtration of germs and bacteria in high concentrations e.g. E-Coli, Vibrio Cholarae, Shigellen, Salmonella.

high-performance membrane

Through suitable bundling of hollow fibres, a flow rate of up to 15 litres/min can be achieved.

High filter capacity

When the Nano cartridge is used in optically clear water, with simultaneous contamination with bacteria and germs, the Nano has a very long service life.

Turbidity in water

Reduction of water haze and phytoplankton by retention in the membrane.

Highest security

Automatic visible reduction of the water flow in case of exhaustion of the Nano cartridge.


Certified and tested. 7 log levels Bacteria reduction by 99.99999%.

Structure of the Nano Cartridge

Safe water for the whole family

high-performance membrane

Membrane with 0.1 µm against bacteria and germs

Inside our Nano cartridge is our hollow fiber membrane. Similar to bundled straws, this membrane consists of many hollow fibres connected to each other. Due to their small diameter of 0.1 µm, these hollow fibre tubes are able to reliably retain larger bacteria or germs and pathogens.

Cross section of a nano germ and legionella cartridge. Hollow fiber membrane against impurities