Alb Filter Protect. Prefilter, coarse filter against rust, sand, sediments and other coarse dirt particles

Alb Protect coarse filter

The prefilter extension for element housing. Against coarse impurities

Alb Filter Protect Prefilter. The additional module for the Alb Filter Element. Protects your Alb filter cartridges from sediments, sand, rust and coarser particles which can occur, for example, due to pipe deposits.

For each element housing. e.g. for the installation under sink, in the camping area or in the shower

With replaceable 40 µm pre-filter fleece

High flow rate due to a sintered prefilter fleece

Easy and quick installation: The installation and change of the filter inserts is done in a very short time and can be carried out within minutes even without a specialist

Alb Filter Protect against coarse dirt. With 40 µm prefilter, sediment filter fleece

Description of the

If you already have an Alb Filter Element housing, this extension can easily be added to your Alb filter under the sink, in the shower or as an extension to your camping set.

The Protect is installed at the inlet of the Alb Filter. The pre-filter pad effectively protects the installed filter cartridges from coarse residues such as rust, sand, dirt and other particles.

With a fineness of 40 µm and a high flow rate, the Protect extension offers excellent protection and extends the life of downstream filter cartridges.

The pad should be changed every two to three months, depending on the water quality, to achieve the best possible result.
You can find inexpensive change pads here.

Alb Filter Protect against coarse dirt. With 40 µm prefilter, sediment filter fleece
Alb Protect Prefilter Flow Diagram
Alb Protect for the shower against rust and other dirt

For the shower

In the case of abrasion in the pipes, which also visibly settle in the wet room after showering or bathing. Often in the form of reddish and yellow deposits. The ideal complement to our shower filters.

Alb Protect for under-sink installation. Old pipelines, lead, rust, sand, sediments

Under the sink

Enhance your under-sink filter with Alb Filter Protect. Recommended for older houses and flats with old pipes or increased occurrence of sediments, rust, coarse dirt that can settle in the filter cartridge.

Alb Protect for the road. Sediments in water. Coarse filter for polluted water

For the road

Mobile water taps from springs with many coarse particles and dirt such as sand or rust. To extend the life of the following Alb filter cartridges. Suitable for mobile and travel sets.