Single Alb Shower Filter Cartridge Shungit. Replacement cartridge without housing. Filled with schungite rock from Karelia (Russia)

shower filter cartridge


Load the Alb Filter Housing with our Shungite (Schungite or Shungite Charcoal) Cartridge - Filled with the rare and nearly 600 million year old black rock from Karelia, Russia.

In anti-aging research, shungite is sometimes dubbed an effective "fountain of youth." The hollow spherical carbon type fullerene is still very little researched, but is said to have a positive influence on the aging process of the skin.1.

Besides absorption and catalytic properties, shungite also has bactericidal characteristics.2. The number of microbes in water filtered with shungite can be up to twelve times smaller than conventionally filtered water, reducing turbidity and foreign odors. Try water made from the primary rock shungite!

The properties of shungite are based on the experience of many users and the effect is still largely unexplored.

Shungit Shower Filter Cartridge Flow Diagram

free radical binding

Due to its molecular structure, shungite is said to be able to absorb and bind free radicals, which are partly responsible for the aging process of the skin.1

Adsorptive, catalytic and bactericidal

Studies by Krutous and Rysev, Khadartsev3 attribute high adsorptive, catalytic and bactericidal activity to shungite.

Tested quality from Karelia, Russia

We receive our first class shungite stone from certified dealers in Karelia, Russia. It is then processed by hand without the use of chemical additives.

Shungit Filter Cartridge

A unique rock

Structure of the Shungit water filter cartridge

Three integrated filter sheets

1. filter layer: PP coarse sediment fleece
Can retain coarse pollutants such as rust, line abrasion or similar.

2nd filter layer: shungite granules
High quality pre-cleaned shungite from Karelia (Russia)

3. filter layer: PP fine sediment fleece
Serves to retain the filter medium and the last fine filtration of suspended particles.

Alb Schungite filter cartridge in cross section. Inside you can see the schungite granules


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