Alb Drinking water filter

Directly at the water tap

With switchover function

Draw fresh drinking water directly from the tap. You can change the water filter between filtered and unfiltered using the practical switch lever. Installed in minutes and easy to use.

Installation diagram. Water filter for drinking water at the tap of Alb Filter

Under the sink 

Connection with flexible hose under the sink

The Alb Filter drinking water filter disappears inconspicuously under the sink. The robust element filter housing is mounted directly on the cold water connection of the angle valve and filters your tap water.

Installation diagram. Water filter for drinking water under the sink from Alb Filter

Drinking water filters from Alb Filter

fresh from the spring and healthy

Which cartridge fits into my Alb filter housing?

filter cartridge Alb Filter Element (Under the sink) Alb Flter Duo (tap)
Active Plus
Balance (shower filter)
Shungit (shower filter)
Buy Under Desk Filter Buy Faucet Filter

Questions and answers

When should the filter cartridges be changed?

Every drinking water filter needs a cartridge replacement at certain intervals. We recommend changing the cartridge after a maximum of 4 or 6 months - depending on the cartridge used.

100% degradable. At Alb Filter we focus on environmental protection and sustainability. For the replacement cartridges(buy replacement cartridges), e.g. the drinking water filter cartridge Active, the bio raw material lignin (liquid wood) is used, which completely replaces petroleum-based plastics.

Here you will find instructions on how to change cartridges.

Filter change recommendation every 4 to 6 months

Will valuable minerals be preserved?

The Alb filter works according to the principle: vital minerals should be preserved in the water. This is a very big advantage compared to other filter systems such as reverse osmosis ("osmosis water").

Our cartridges leave essential trace elements and minerals in the water and do not filter them out.

Minerals are preserved

From our guide

Why filter water?

Especially in Germany the common opinion is that our drinking water is of impeccable quality. So what is the point of buying a drinking water filter? Why are only about 50 pollutants covered by the drinking water ordinance? You can find out more here.

Sketch water glass. Pollutants in tap water. What are the advantages of a drinking water filter?

What ingredients are in our tap water?

We clarify which pollutants, but also substances relevant to health, are present in our water. We also clarify how the pollutants get into the water, what effects they have on our health and how harmful substances can be removed from the water. You can find out more here.

Minerals are preserved