Undertable version

Connection with flexible hose under the sink

The Alb filter disappears inconspicuously under the sink. The robust element filter housing is mounted directly to the cold water connection of the angle valve and filters your tap water.

Installation diagram. Water filter for drinking water under the sink from Alb Filter

Version water tap

Right next to the fitting. With change function

Draw fresh water directly from the tap. With the practical switch lever you can switch between filtered and unfiltered. Installed in minutes and easy to use.

Installation diagram. Water filter for drinking water at the tap of Alb Filter

Drinking water filters from Alb Filter

fresh from the spring and healthy

Which cartridge fits which housing?

filter cartridge Alb Filter Element (Untertisch) Alb Flter Duo (tap)
Active Plus+ *
Active S
Balance (shower filter)
Shungit (shower filter)
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*Only conditionally recommended for the Alb Filter Element housing, as the flow rate is significantly reduced and there is no possibility to switch (to unfiltered water) as with the Alb Filter Duo System.