Water filters for drinking water - from Alb Filter


The drinking water filters from Alb Filter can be installed either directly on the tap - with a switchover function - or under the sink. In this case, you install the Alb drinking water filter directly on the cold water connection and enjoy your tap water filtered.

There are many reasons to filter tap water. In addition to pollutants and pathogens, the water may contain ingredients that cause turbidity or impurities. Likewise, the taste, the smell and generally the enjoyment can be impaired.

Our DUO and Element drinking water filters filter the tap water directly before it is drawn off, thus guaranteeing the best possible drinking water quality.

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Installation diagram. Water filter for drinking water at the tap of Alb Filter

Water filter at the tap

The Duo drinking water filter has a switchover function for changing between filtered and unfiltered tap water.

Installation diagram. Water filter for drinking water under the sink from Alb Filter

Water filter under table

The Element drinking water filter is mounted under the sink and ensures filtered drinking water with every drop.

Questions and answers

Why a drinking water filter at all?

Why filter water (again)? Doesn't the waterworks do that? Sure! Most consumers get their tap water from a drinking water supplier, where it was previously cleaned and treated in the waterworks.

So what are the reasons for a drinking water filter? The most important ones are:

  • Your drinking water is polluted by taste-disturbing, organic substances that have not been purified by the waterworks.
  • Your water is contaminated by substances that are not covered by the drinking water ordinance - e.g. pharmaceutical, pesticide, microplastic residues, etc.
  • It is polluted by heavy metals such as lead or copper from old water pipes. 
  • The ingredients in tap water are not 100% "clear".

Which cartridge fits into my Alb filter housing?

filter cartridge Alb Filter Element (Under the sink) Alb Filter Duo (tap)
Active Plus
Balance (shower filter)
Shungit (shower filter)
Buy Under Desk Filter Buy Faucet Filter

Drinking water deficiencies also in Germany! Despite regulation?

Our tap water in Germany is strictly controlled, but the reality sometimes shows serious deficiencies. The quality is based on limit values for currently 56 pollutants that have been set in the Drinking Water Ordinance.

Our point of view: Many substance concentrations such as drug residues, hormones, microplastics and pesticides etc. are not covered by the drinking water ordinance !

Because drinking water treatment is always a (political) compromise between technical possibilities, costs and compatibility. In addition, many cities have an aging, dilapidated drinking water network - for example, in Aachen at the beginning of 2021.

Clean drinking water with the drinking water filters from Alb-Filter

The biggest advantage of water filters for consumers is that they themselves can influence which substances are in the tap water and which are not. With the drinking water filters from Alb - Active, Active Plus+ or Nano - you can, depending on your needs, filter various substances from your drinking water, for example:

Here you will find the right drinking water filter for your tap.
Here you will find the right drinking water filter for your undersink

How long can I use the Alb drinking water filter?

Every drinking water filter requires a replacement of the cartridge at certain intervals. We recommend changing the cartridge after a maximum of 4 or 6 months - depending on the cartridge used.

Bioplastic. With Alb filters we focus on environmental protection and local production. For the replacement cartridges Active and Active Plus+, we use the bio raw material lignin , which is a waste product in the paper industry, for the mounting caps.

Here you can find our replacement cartridges.
Here you will find instructions for changing cartridges.

Filter change recommendation every 4 to 6 months

Will valuable minerals be preserved?

The Alb filter works according to the principle: vital minerals should be preserved in the water. This is a very big advantage compared to other filter systems such as reverse osmosis ("osmosis water").

Our cartridges leave essential trace elements and minerals in the water and do not filter them out.

Why filter water?

In Germany in particular, there is a widespread belief that our drinking water is of impeccable quality. What is the reason for buying a drinking water filter? Why are only 56 pollutants covered by the drinking water ordinance? Find out more here.

What ingredients are in our tap water?

We clarify which pollutants, but also substances relevant to health, are present in our water. We also clarify how the pollutants get into the water, what effects they have on our health and how harmful substances can be removed from the water. You can find out more here.

Minerals are preserved