Alb faucet filter Duo in blue without cartridge

Alb Drinking water filter Duo

For direct connection to the water tap

Turn your tap fitting into a drinking water dispenser. Simply pull the lever and enjoy pure drinking water. Suitable for most taps, our Alb Filter Duo is installed within minutes.

Possibility to choose between filtered and unfiltered water

Compatible with all standard taps

Filter cartridges with a maximum service life of 6 months

Design, manufacturing and production in Southern Germany

Modular filter housing. Various cartridges are available for selection


Overview of variants

Matching filter cartridges - depending on the intended use

cartridge active Active Plus nano
Odour, taste, colour
heavy metals
drug residues
asbestos fibres
germs and bacteria
price as of EUR as of EUR as of EUR
Active Buy Active Plus+ Buy Buy Nano
Sketch of a faucet. Illustrates how to measure the thread.

Is my faucet okay?

Thread guide

In 90% of cases, you probably have either a tap with an M22 or M24 threaded connection. Included in delivery is an additional stainless steel adapter for M24 thread. If it should not fit nevertheless, we have further adapters in our Shop for you. With our small guide you can check if and which adapter you need.

Alternatively, you can call us for advice. We will be glad to help you.

Which variant should I buy?

Set with housing and cartridge

Alb Filter Duo Active drinking water filter in the colour titanium. Faucet filter with replacement cartridge

Alb Duo Active

Very good flow and retention of pollutants

Enjoy drinking water without hesitation! Alb Active convinces by an even more effective filtration of pollutants, odours and other unwanted residues in drinking water. Remove harmful microplastic particles and other tiny particles. No problem with our Active Coconut Block Activated Carbon.

Against bad taste and smells

filtration of heavy metals

Reduction of pesticides and drug residues

Filtration of microplastics

Alb Filter Duo Nano bacteria and legionella filter in the color titanium. Faucet filter with replacement cartridge

Alb Duo Active Plus+

The plus against bacteria and germs

Active Plus+ with reduced flow for highest purity! Developed and perfected in cooperation with a renowned filter manufacturer. The Active Plus+ variant effectively retains germs and bacteria in addition to the properties of the Alb Active.

Against bad taste and smells

filtration of heavy metals

Reduction of pesticides and drug residues

Filtration of microplastics

Against bacteria and germs


Excellent customer service


Legionella, bacteria and microorganisms. Ultra filtration down to 0.1 µm.

Protect yourself against acute Legionella alarms (shower ban), viruses, bacteria, germs and moulds in the pipes. Alb Filter Nano - because we care about your health.

Filtration of smallest microorganisms ( ~99,99% ) E. coli bacteria, Vibrio Cholerae, Shigella, Salmonella and many more.

high-performance membrane

Large filter capacity

Highest certified security

Made in Germany

video instructions

Installation at the tap

cartridge change

Questions & Answers

What is Alb Filter Duo and does it fit my faucet?

Alb Filter Duo turns your tap fitting into a drinking water dispenser. The drinking water filter is screwed directly to the tap and is installed within a few minutes. It fits most taps in kitchens.

How does it work with the filter cartridges?

Our Alb Filter Duo is a modular filter. This means that you buy the stylish filter housing only once and in future only change the filter cartridge inside every 4 - 6 months. Of course you can also switch between the different versions of our cartridges.

Use of the Alb Duo with pressureless boilers

When using our Alb Filter Duo for the tap, in connection with unpressurized water heaters, please note that due to the high fineness of the cartridge, a pressure is built up in front of it (approximately at the level of the mains pressure), which is only slowly reduced. Under certain circumstances, this can lead to damage to the non-pressure-resistant boiler.

However, there are also pressure-resistant boilers for which the above-mentioned restrictions do not apply. This can be recognised, for example, by the type plate " max. operating pressure ... ". This must be at least 4 bar. However, these boiler types are usually somewhat more expensive to purchase than the unpressurized ones.

As an alternative, we also offer our Alb under-table versions, which are approved for use on unpressurised systems.

How do I know what thread my faucet has?

Most kitchen sinks have an M22 or M24 threaded tap. Included with the Alb Filter Duo housing is a stainless steel adapter for taps with M24 thread. Should it still not fit, Alb Filter offers further adapters in its shop. In order to make sure in advance whether an adapter is required, we advise you to use the thread wizard.

What is the advantage of Alb Filter Duo over a classic Alb Filter?

Alb Filter Duo is not a classic continuous-flow filter, but also allows you to extract the water in your kitchen unfiltered. You can choose between filtered and unfiltered water by means of a selector switch. That's how you protect your cartouche.

When should I filter the water and when not?

Whenever you want to drink water, prepare drinks, clean or prepare food with it, you should use filtered water. Untreated water is also sufficient for rinsing or washing hands.