Exemplary combination of the Alb Balance shower filter. Consisting of the element filter housing in the color silver and the Balance shower filter cartridge
Exemplary combination of the Alb Balance shower filter. Consisting of the element filter housing in the color blue and the Balance shower filter cartridge
Exemplary combination of the Alb Balance shower filter. Consisting of the element filter housing in the color cyan and the Balance shower filter cartridge
Exemplary combination of an Alb shower filter. Consisting of the element filter housing in the color titanium and the Balance shower filter cartridge

Alb Shower Filter Balance

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Alb Shower Filter Balance

The Balance filter solution can be your ideal companion for dry and sensitive skin as well as brittle and weak hair. Feel a velvety soft shower sensation through our balanced mixture of high-quality minerals and other qualitative filter media. Alb Filter - only the best for your skin and hair.

Technical data:

Dimensions housing: 120 mm x 69 mm
Housing colour: according to choice
Connection: ½ inch thread

range of services

For skin and hair

Our water filter for the shower - Pleasantly soft water - causes dry, itchy skin and brittle hair can be reduced. For baby skin and mature skin of adult people.

Against pollutants, odour, taste and colour

The natural raw material activated carbon removes water impurities. KDF reduces chlorine and heavy metals so you can enjoy your shower without worries.  

Can reduce lime

Converts lime to a small extent. Resin causes a change in the molecular structure, which reduces the adhesive effect of lime on fittings.  

For a healthy skin appearance

Mineral mix for optimal moisture absorption. Testimonials from our satisfied customers show that the appearance of the skin on the entire body can improve. 

Cartridge change only 2x a year

Quick, easy change - Duration: 2 min. Recommendation according to DIN 1988 every 6 months.  

Quality made in Germany

Sustainability and domestic production paired with Swabian inventiveness - Made in Germany.  

Installation / Installation (shower)

You can find more information on the subject of installation on our website under the heading Installation Instructions. 

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Filter ratings:
26 July 2020
Beatrix S.
Germany Germany
Shower filter Balance

I'm very pleased. Delivery + installation worked out fine. I would buy the filter again. Good that there is this product.

01 July 2020
Kettner I.
Germany Germany
Easy mounting

Do what it should. As described.

17 June 2020
Martin G.
Germany Germany
Great product, great service

Fast shipping, easy to assemble, good quality and finish, water feels softer and there are less traces of scale. Great service for queries. All around satisfied and recommendable.

29 May 2020
Norbert R.
Germany Germany
Fast delivery, article suitable for the shower, good design

Only shortly in use, therefore no clear statement possible yet. No problems or disadvantages so far.

28 May 2020
Jürgen G.
Very good filter

The filter housing makes a solid impression. The assembly is simple! The first shower results are positive, the water is definitely softer. The water pressure is not noticeably lower with filter. Time will tell how long the filter insert will last but first of all 5 stars for the first impression.

25 May 2020
Michael V.
Germany Germany
Very good filter, can be recommended in any case

Super soft water! We are curious how long the filter needs until the first change!

21 May 2020
Werner W.
Germany Germany
extremely handy

solid stable product, very good water quality in taste we are very satisfied

20 May 2020
Katerina B.
Germany Germany
Super Product

I have very calcareous water at home and I find the quality of the water has improved extremely and my sensitive skin does not suffer as much anymore and recovers day by day. Thank you very much for this filter

Alb Filter Alb Shower Filter Balance Review
28 April 2020
karin k.
Itching and skin appearance very much improved

All positive previous reactions have been confirmed. We can highly recommend the Alb filter.

22 April 2020
Kerstin T.
This shower filter really does make a difference!!

With some scepticism we ordered this shower filter, which is not quite cheap in comparison, but after a quick delivery, easy installation and several showers we can say that the Alb shower filter really does produce softer water. We have an extremely high lime content in the tap water, which is not only bad for all appliances, but also dries out the skin and weighs down the hair. We hope that the filter cartridge will last at least half a year and as the replacement cartridges are ok for the price we are glad to have found this product. A clear recommendation to buy!