Alb Filter cartridge Active
Alb Filter cartridge Active

Alb Filter cartridge Active

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Filter cartridge Active

For a refreshing drinking experience. Use our Active filter cartridge not only to enhance the taste of your drinking water, but at the same time reduce pollutants that our tap water often carries.

Inside the cartridge is a specially purified sintered core of activated carbon, which is able to reduce chlorine and chlorine degradation products, organic pollutants, various drug residues, light hydrocarbons, solvents, pesticides, flavors and fine particles (rust, lime flakes, sand). In addition, bland and chlorine taste impairments in the water are effectively neutralized.

range of services

Removal of bad tastes and odours

High-quality Alb filter coconut block activated carbon adsorbs annoying odours (chlorine, CHC's, CFC's etc.) and impairs taste in drinking water.

Reduction of heavy metals

The adsorbing effect of activated carbon binds heavy metals such as lead and copper in drinking water.

Filtration of microplastics

Due to the ultrafine structure of the sintered activated carbon, microscopically small plastic particles are reliably retained.

Reduction of pesticides and drug residues

Organic compounds such as pesticide residues, herbicides, insecticides, drug residues, hormones and hormone-like substances can be reduced.

cartridge change

Change interval 4 months - depending on the quality of the input water.

Quality made in Germany

High quality production paired with Swabian ingenuity result in made in Germany.

filter change

You can find more information about changing filters on our website under the heading Installation Instructions.

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Flow diagram Active Filter Cartridge
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Filter ratings:
02 June 2021
Pascal N.
Super service

Quickly delivered. Wrong adapters quickly refunded. TOP!

02 June 2021
Pascal N.
Super service

Quickly delivered. Wrong adapters quickly refunded. TOP!

02 June 2021
Alfred F.
Germany Germany
Good part

Everything is fine, happy to do it again. 100% recommendable. Everything as described.

23 May 2021
Germany Germany
Very satisfied for over a year

We have been very satisfied with the water filter for over a year. THANKS :-)

06 January 2021
Peter K.
Germany Germany
Very satisfied

After 2 months of use, there is nothing to complain about. Great filter.

Alb Filter Alb Filter Cartridge Active Review
03 January 2021
Marc M.
Germany Germany
Sync and corrections by n17t01

Finally clean water everywhere - at home and in the motorhome. You can really taste the difference

05 December 2020
Kersten P.
Germany Germany
Top product!

I have been installing the water filter for four weeks now, and I am absolutely satisfied! Finally really good and clean water, no more lime and rust. The water is also really tasty to drink.

04 December 2020
Peter Z.
Germany Germany
Filter cartridge Active

Article as described, water is super filtered, no smell or deposits in the water tank. Filling takes a little longer, but there is clean water in the tank.

08 November 2020
Lars S.
Germany Germany
Everything is fine, top quality.

Again and again, quality and price are convincing.

04 November 2020
Norbert R.
Germany Germany
Fast delivery, article suitable for the shower, good design

we were satisfied, good experience made