Alb Shower filter cartridge Balance. Water filter for shower and bath

Alb Filter Cartridge Balance

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Description of the

Filter cartridge Balance

The Balance Shower Filter replacement cartridge for your shower water filter. Pollutants are reduced in the water by activated carbon and by a copper-zinc alloy (KDF) patented in the USA. Special filter fleeces protect against raw deposits and sediments in the water. In addition, there are mineral mixes.

With the Alb DERMA beads, there are also over 30 minerals in the cartridge, including selenium, manganese, zinc, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, and potassium.

Good care starts with clean water!

range of services

Reduction of pollutants, odours, taste and turbidity

Activated carbon reduces water impurities. KDF reduces chlorine and heavy metals so you can enjoy your shower carefree.

Cartridge change only 2x a year

Quick, easy change - duration: 2 min. Recommendation every 6 months.  


You can find more information about changing filters on our website under the heading Installation Instructions.

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Filter ratings:
02 April 2021
Bernd S.
Germany Germany

Filter performance in order. Unfortunately, the sealing ring inside loosens

03 January 2021
Herbert K.
Germany Germany

The quality of the filter cartridge is very good. The lime is reduced by the filter effect long in the shower water and the water feels much softer; good for the skin and the well-being!

30 November 2020
karina s.
Czech Republic Czech Republic
easy to do!

I like how simple it is to connect it to the faucet / shower head and I have noticed improvement in my skin. I trust also german quality so I am satisfied with the product.

10 August 2020
Kamran B.
Denmark Denmark

Wehave been using this product. When i was changing the cartridge i found out that the top rubber was displaced. It was a bit surprising for me. We changed the cartridge approx after 4 months or so within the recommended time.

13 June 2020
Saeed N.
Germany Germany

not a good quality only this time . last cartridge were better than this time

27 April 2020
karin k.
We are very satisfied

Water is softer,skin texture and itching has improved,hair feels well cared for,water no longer smells metallic.purchase Could be a little cheaper

28 February 2020
jimmy o.
My girlfriend says it works ;)

My girlfriend stopped complaining about the water issues after we got this filter (;

16 January 2020
Werner H.
No more brittle skin

Unfortunately, it is not possible to see how long the effect lasts, so it would be nice to see when the effect decreases, as is the case with the Britta filter.

08 January 2020
Good filters

Water quality is better with the filter

30 September 2019
Doru P.
Good quality for money

Easy mounting, very quality design.