Single Alb water filter cartridge Nano. Germ and legionella filter without housing

Alb Filter cartridge Nano

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Description of the

Filter cartridge Nano 

Can be used as drinking water filter as well as shower water filter. Main focus on bacteria and virus contamination in water with highest demands on material and quality of the 0.1 µm hollow fibre membrane.

Drink: With the Nano you protect yourself effectively against harmful microorganisms in drinking water. The Nano is easily and quickly mounted under the sink in every kitchen. On holiday as well as when travelling, the easily installable, mobile system offers a high level of protection against unclean water. Easy to use and take back with you! Slowed water flow indicates exhausted power before filter change.

Showers: Whether preventive or with positive Legionella findings: The Nano water filter reliably protects you against Legionella and dangerous microorganisms in shower and drinking water. The certified quality solution offers the highest protection against Legionnaire's disease, pneumonia, immune deficiencies and many more. Use our tried and tested filter system not only at home, it is also a safe companion on the road.

range of services

Filtration of smallest microorganisms

Nano focuses on the filtration of germs and bacteria in high concentrations e.g. E-Coli, Vibrio Cholarae, Shigellen, Salmonella.

high-performance membrane

Through suitable bundling of hollow fibres, a flow rate of up to 11 litres/min can be achieved.

High filter capacity

If the Nano cartridge is used in optically clear water and simultaneously contaminated with bacteria and germs, the Nano has an extremely long service life.

Turbidity in water

Reduction of water haze and phytoplankton by retention in the membrane.

Highest security

Automatic visible reduction of the water flow in case of exhaustion of the Nano cartridge.


Certified and tested.


You can find more information about changing filters on our website under the heading Installation Instructions.

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Flow diagram Nano filter cartridge
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Filter ratings:
03 August 2021
Siegfried F.
Germany Germany
Water permeability miserable!!!

After changing the filter cartridge, only 0.8 litres/minute flowed through !!!! Complaint to the hotline: Manufacturing tolerances!

03 August 2021
Michael F.
Germany Germany
Filtration very good - clogs very quickly

As far as I can judge without a laboratory, the filtration is very good (filter when filling the camper tank, I drink the water from the tank, no problems so far). However, the flow rate (new filter approx. 12 l/min.) decreases very quickly (a few weeks) (3-5 l/min.), despite regular backwashing and filter fleece in front of the actual filter.

16 May 2021
Marco S.
Germany Germany

With a filter, even after more than 3000 litres of used water, it is still reliable. We have the Nano permanently installed, directly behind the pump. The flow rate was too low with both filter cartridges. We use the Activfilter with pre-filter for refuelling. Now we can also use our Wassermax in the motorhome. However, it should not be the case that the Nano filter is sold out, as it is now, and the manufacturer does not keep sufficient quantities in stock. Fortunately, I always have one in reserve.

08 May 2021
Eduard K.
Germany Germany
Everything is fine.

I am satisfied with it.

02 April 2021
Thorsten K.
Germany Germany
With well water unfortunately too quickly set at

Unfortunately, the filter has settled too quickly in our plant, as we apparently have too high a proportion of sediment in the water. A larger industrial filter now does the job more reliably. For a city household, the Nano is certainly a great solution.

16 February 2021
Robert R.
Germany Germany
Small and easy to use

Good experience so far!